Making an appeal

You can make an appeal to the Chamber against a re-determination you have received from Social Security Scotland.

We can only accept an appeal if you have asked Social Security Scotland for a re-determination of their decision.

When you receive the re-determination notice, that letter will advise you that you can appeal to the Chamber. 

The letter will also contain the appeal form that you must use and instructions on how to appeal. This appeal should be completed and returned within 31 days of the date on the re-determination letter. 

Please note that the appeal must be returned directly to Social Security Scotland and not to this Chamber.

If you have any questions about making an appeal, contact Social Security Scotland's advisers who can help with completing the form. Their number is 0800 182 2222

When Social Security Scotland receives your appeal form, they will pass it to us. They will also send to us the information they have collected, including the application form, reports and evidence you gave them. This means that you should not have to send us this information again. 

Acknowledging your appeal

When we receive the appeal we will let you know we have it. We will also let you know if we need anything else from you.

What happens next

If you submitted your appeal on time and with the correct information,  then we will ask Social Security Scotland to provide the reasons for their decision and any other information they consider necessary.

They have 31 days from our request to do this. 

We will then share the information they gave us with you and your representative, if you have one.

You can then respond to this if you want to provide further information or evidence.  You have a further 31 days to do this. 

This time you must send any further evidence or information to us, the Social Security Chamber.

That information or evidence will usually be shared with all parties, including your representative, if you have one.