Your hearing

It may be possible for the tribunal to reach a decision based on the papers, provided all parties agree to this.

You may want to attend a hearing in person. This is called an oral hearing.

Either party can request an oral hearing.

You should submit any evidence you have before the oral hearing takes place and you can do that by using the postal address here or by emailing copies to

This mailbox has an automated response and we cannot respond to requests for advice or general enquiries.

A representative from Social Security Scotland may also attend an oral hearing.

What happens at a hearing?

A legally qualified member of the Chamber will convene the hearing. 

Whenever possible we will try to arrange the hearing at a location convenient to the person who is appealing the decision.

You can bring someone to support you and/or have a representative at the hearing. More information about this is available at Support and Assistance.

If you attend the hearing and we encourage you to do so:

The hearing won't be very formal. You will have the opportunity to explain the reasons for your appeal.

You will be asked questions about your appeal by the Convener. 

We will record the hearing but the recording is only for the use of the tribunal.

Social Security Scotland who made the original decision may also be at the hearing. They may ask you questions but are not part of the tribunal and certainly do not decide the result of the appeal. The Social Security Chamber is independent and impartial.

If you require support, for example, an interpreter or use of a hearing loop you can request this when you make an appeal.