Further review or appeal a tribunal decision


If you attended the hearing or spoke to the Convener by telephone, you will have been told the decision of the Tribunal at that time and this will be followed up in writing. The Agency (Social  Security Scotland) will also be sent a copy.

If you want more detail you can request a full written statement of reasons for the decision within 31 days of the date of the decision notice. 

Once you have the decision notice you can decide if you wish to ask for:

To succeed, your review or appeal must be on a “point of law”. It is not easy to give a full explanation of a “point of law” but examples include:

  • That the Tribunal applied the law incorrectly, or
  • The Tribunal failed to give adequate reasons for its decision.

If you believe the Tribunal conducted the proceedings in breach of the proper procedures then you must ask for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal, a review can’t be considered for this.


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